7 Great Ideas for Things To Do on the Train

Are you planning your next long train trip and looking to make it exciting? Perhaps you’re already sitting on the train, bored and sick of the annoying seat partner. In this post, I show you 7 great ideas for the things to do on the train to keep your trip alive.

Take Online Surveys

Intriguing, right? Well, if you can exchange your idle time on the train for money, you should. After all, it isn’t a bad idea and most surveys are actually fun and educative. By answering simple questions you can make instant money online that pays for your trip. Right? Meanwhile, some surveys won’t earn you instant cashouts, it’s more like saving a few bucks up somewhere for future use. And the great thing is, the number of reviews you can take on a single trip is almost endless.

Watch Natural Beauty Via Train Window

Train tracks are mostly constructed for trains to navigate through nature’s deepest heart. How about you take the opportunity to draw closer to nature and get thrilled by nature’s beauty? By watching natural beauty via train window. But there’s even more. As a camera person, you can take shots of scenic moments and expand the collections in your gallery. And if you’d love to make money on the side, there are hundreds of genuine sites available online ready to buy your original photos.

See Movies

I f you’re a workaholic, time spent on trains pave the opportunities to do the catching ups on all the funs you’ve been missing. By logging on to Netflix, you can stream an endless series of movies directly on your mobile phone or laptop. Amazon Prime is another place to stream the latest movies without creating a big budget.

Get Plugged In

Everybody loves music. Tag your headphones along. Listen to the hottest songs from your favorite artists for free on your train trips. Recommended sites to stream the latest music on are; Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google Play Music.

Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to catch up on lectures, news, series of programs, and the latest trends in your field of choice. All you need is your iPod or mobile phone, an internet connection, and your headphones.

Play Online Games

If you’re bored of repeatedly single-playing those old offline games on your mobile phone or laptop, connecting with friends online to play the latest online games will thrill your journey with excitement and engagement. Besides, playing games with friends online is a fun way to meditate, improve your intellectual capacity, make new friends, and break and set new records across leadership boards.

Read Great Books And Make New Friends

At times you get sick and tired of the endless scrolling through your social media newsfeed. How about tagging an interesting book along when planning your next journey on the train? If you’re already on the train, you can make a substitute for physical books by reading a soft version of your preferred books online. Reading a book on the train also connects you with new bookworm friends! And that makes your journey even more interesting.

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